07 March, 2010

Gaming Board

Sorry for no recent updates. Recovery from the surgery is going well but I also dropped my camera two days ago, so I can't put up any new pics. All the marines are finished though and I'm working on the Rhino and the Dreadnought at the moment. I have also done some work on the magnetized HQ, pics will come when I get ahold of a new camera.

I had plannes to finish my gaming board properly before posting up pics, as well as making some more terrain. However seeing that I can't provide pics from my models I thought I just put up my own board (these photo's are from about a week back).

This is the board, 6 tiles measuring about 2 feet by 2 feet (60x60cm), so the total gaming area is 4feet by 6 (120x180). There still needs to be some minor work, the brown patches on the board still need to get some wood varnish (to represent muddy pools) and I think I want to make some fields with scorched grass.

Here a pic with the board filled with the current terrain I have. Not every piece of terrain is again 100% finished, I just made the already playable (or atleast painted and with grass, makes it more fun to play with). I'm planning to do some bigger terrain pieces in the feature so that real LOS can be avoided.

This is one of the first terrain pieces that I made and finished. 2 Woodenslates with some paste from the local hobby store to represent a little hill, together with paint and scenery material ended up with this. As you can see I use for almost every small terrain piece a CD, I have still dozens of them left, CD's that are old, broken or were demo's of some kind are good to use. They are thin, and most of the time the perfect size for a base.

This is one of the 3 rock formations that are fully completed. As you can see I added 2 colors of static grass, some bushes and some moss on the rocks. The other formations are just painted, sealed and there was added one color of grass, to let them look good on the terrain (but still need to be redone).

One of the CD-bases with trees. This was actually the very first terrain piece I made a very long time ago (even before I had this board and started with 40k). The trees are a bit wobbly, the reason for that is that I made some 'holders' on the base, so that I can remove the trees if necessary (gaming purposes or switching trees). However I didn't made a good system, and the result is that the trees aren't fitted that well on the base.
On the background of the photo from the CD-base with the rock formation, you can see my new system. I glued some straws on the base, taped the trees to make them thicker, and now they are fixed on the base very well (and still easily removed from the base). However this system is still WiP, as I'm planning to add some bushes on the bottom, so that the eye doesn't spot those straws anymore.

Well that's it for today, I hope my camera gets fixed soon, or that I can get ahold of another cam to update the blog. In the meanwhile I will work on the models and terrain, so the next update could be quiet huge ;)


  1. Your board is looking really nice there! Having a decent board to play on can make the game so MUCH more fun. I like the CD terrain as well.

  2. It's coming together quite nicely. I'm particularly fond of that tree--as it reminds me of the trees I used to climb back in the day.

    Looking forward to seeing your take on mud-holes.

  3. Hey thanks guys. My miniatures get priority at the moment, since I vowed an oath to paint mini's before the 31th of march (on B&C) and if I want to complete it I need to speed up my painting :P
    Other then that I have planned another battle with my friend somewhere beginning of April, so that will stimulate and motivate me even more to work on the terrain. So I hope to put more pics up from my terrain around that time (perhaps even with some tutorials).

  4. Who's that guy sitting on the other side of the table? Oh wait, that's me!