28 January, 2010

Painting Faces

My hands were really itching to try new techniques for faces. I bought myself some Tallarn Flesh, a wash and several other paints and wanted to it a whole other way. Previous I began with Bestial Brown, then I blended it towards Dwarf Flesh, and after this up to Elf Flesh. Always have done this, without checking really how others did it.
With a fresh 40k army and some new paints I wanted different, I checked this article (you might want to need an account to check it) and used this as my main focus for my new style.

This is what I ended up with, and I must say I'm quite pleased with the result:

Still haven't found the best way to take pictures.. still experimenting on that ;)

In the meanwhile I've updated my Dreadnought a lil'. Nothing major, expect for the base, redone it now that I have weathering powders.

25 January, 2010


So I began painting. My hands were itching to begin on the Dreadnought. The base and the legs arent finished totally yet, but the end is near.
After this is done 5 marines are waiting to get some painted slapped on them. Stay tuned!

18 January, 2010

HQ and magnets!

So I want to make 2 Marshal/Castellan's, with several magnets so I can change them however I want. One of the Marshals I'm intending to magnetize the backpack also, having the option to make it a chaplain, but these still await arrival.

In the meantime I began work on Marshal#1

The magnets in the socket are big. These were tank sized, but I couldn't hold myself drilling the magnets in. The infantry sized magnets arrived today, so I finished him up. Here with another head and a fun setup (termies are magnetized too).

Here a pic with without any, will do a step by step perhaps for the 2nd Marshal.

Emperor's Champion

The Emperor's Champion, a fierce warrior, his blows guided by the Emperor's hand. A model well presented in each BT-army, and thus it stimulated on making my own.
Several parts of the Dark Angel range, Warhammer Fantasy and some other bits later gave me this:

Golden Bolter/Librarium Painting Challenge

So there's still some time left to enter the Golden Bolter competition, which I will enter with at least my Emperor's Champion in the Single Miniature. If I finish my Dreadnought and some marines I will enter the other 2 categories as well.

On the other hand I have accepted the Librarium Painting Challenge, in which we need to finish the models you stated before the end of March. If not, you will get a big banner in your signature which says you failed, and your obliged to do a tutorial.

Well anyway, here is the LPC wip pic, 1st one. I vowed to finish at least 1 rhino, 1 Emperor's Champion, 2 magnetized Marshalls/Castellans, 1 Dreadnought, 10 Marines, 5 neophytes and 2 Terminators. There are missing 3 neophytes and 1 Castellan on this picture, but they aren't even build yet, so they will come later on.

17 January, 2010

The beginning

"High Marshal Helbrecht himself gave me the lead of this Crusade. Our task is to go in front and explore the worlds which report any risen number of the green Xenos. The foul Xenos leader must be found, as Helbrecht swore an oath to pursue and destroy him. Our Strike Cruiser, Dorn's Revenge, is closing in on a system of multiple reports. We kill any Xenos we will find, in the hope to close in on Ghazghkull. He will find his death, for this is The Viridis Crusade."

- Marshal Brunner, Viridis Crusade

I wanted to give my army some fluff, based upon the hunt for Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, the Ork leader that led the Waaagh! on Armageddon. After Ghazghkull's suspected command ship was seen retreating from Armageddon, Helbrecht swore an oath to pursue and destroy him. This is that crusade, the Vidiris Crusade.