28 January, 2010

Painting Faces

My hands were really itching to try new techniques for faces. I bought myself some Tallarn Flesh, a wash and several other paints and wanted to it a whole other way. Previous I began with Bestial Brown, then I blended it towards Dwarf Flesh, and after this up to Elf Flesh. Always have done this, without checking really how others did it.
With a fresh 40k army and some new paints I wanted different, I checked this article (you might want to need an account to check it) and used this as my main focus for my new style.

This is what I ended up with, and I must say I'm quite pleased with the result:

Still haven't found the best way to take pictures.. still experimenting on that ;)

In the meanwhile I've updated my Dreadnought a lil'. Nothing major, expect for the base, redone it now that I have weathering powders.


  1. Excellent work on the face mate, I've just finished my first heroquest model and I used the same article to do the his face, although it's not as good as yours, I'm still really pleased with it.

    I'll be posting pics tomorrow when the light is better, I'd love your opinion.

  2. Hey, thanks man ;) I'm really proud of myself too, cause I know this face is a new step in my painting "carrier".
    I will, I'll keep an eye on your blog!

  3. No worries mate, mine's on my blog now.