18 January, 2010

Golden Bolter/Librarium Painting Challenge

So there's still some time left to enter the Golden Bolter competition, which I will enter with at least my Emperor's Champion in the Single Miniature. If I finish my Dreadnought and some marines I will enter the other 2 categories as well.

On the other hand I have accepted the Librarium Painting Challenge, in which we need to finish the models you stated before the end of March. If not, you will get a big banner in your signature which says you failed, and your obliged to do a tutorial.

Well anyway, here is the LPC wip pic, 1st one. I vowed to finish at least 1 rhino, 1 Emperor's Champion, 2 magnetized Marshalls/Castellans, 1 Dreadnought, 10 Marines, 5 neophytes and 2 Terminators. There are missing 3 neophytes and 1 Castellan on this picture, but they aren't even build yet, so they will come later on.

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