18 February, 2010

1st Xenos battle! (through the eyes of a newbie)

So today I had my first battle against an army other than Chaos Marines. Since I started the Black Templars I have made a own board and terrain (will come up soon), played quite a few battles with my friend and learned the rules quite well. So after asking to borrow a Chaos Rhino and Predator, I was good to go to kick some Xenos scum!

I had absolutely no clue what to expect, after doing some research I was surprised to see that the Firewarriors had only BS3, I would have thought them to have atleast 4 or perhaps even 5. These are all such things one would find when not knowing allot of armies yet! Another thing was that I was expecting allot of casualties from shooting, and that it would be quite hard to kill them, even in CC!

So, the battle began, we rolled annihilation and had Pitched Battle. He fielded 2 Hammerheads, 1 squad of Pathfinders, 2 squads of Firewarriors, 1 Devilfish, a squad of 3 crisis suits and a crisis suit HQ. I had 3 Rhino's with different initiates and neophytes, an EC and another Castellan and a Predator (autcannon/LC sponsons).

I deployed everything at the 12" mark, I knew I had to get into CC asap. The predator was deployed somewhere back, in between buildings for the cover. I rushed all forward, failing to do anything on the Devilfish with the predator (he continued to shoot it until the Devilfish finally wrecked in turn 4!). One rhino got wrecked (Castellan+flamer squad), some initiates from that rhino killed due to Firewarrior guns, and one LC sponson got destroyed.
In turn 2 I rushed my Rhino with EC further to a building where the suits, 1 squad of firewarriors and the 2 Hammerheads were 'hiding' at. I dismounted to get melta shots on the Hammerhead, but did nothing. The Castellan squad ran towards the Pathfinders, not in range to assault yet. The 3rd Rhino drove towards the Devilfish.
Next, I lost all but the EC and Powerfist marine from Tau fire (lesson learned, don't dismount unless you can charge! Even if the hammerhead causes you fear! :P), Predator got stunned, and 1 or 2 marines in the Castellan squad died. Again I got lucky on the predator, either having the cover save help me or bad rolls from the opponent, the predator lived till the end!

Well this is where the massacre began. The EC killed the crisissuits with HQ, although the powerfist didn't survive it. The Castellan squad killed the pathfinders, and the other squad from the Rhino killed the Firewarrior squad that just disembarked from the devilfish (they shot the rhino but didn't do anything). Turn after the EC single handily killed the other group of Firewarriors, and after that he had only the Devilfish and 2 hammerhead remaining, one of which was immobilized (can't remember how).
The predator shot the devilfish down, and the EC wrecked the immobilized hammerhead in turn 5. This is where we decided we stopped, since the remaining hammerhead could do nothing anymore.

So, perhaps this post is somehow a bit chaotic, but I didn't write the turns down so no real battlereport can be done. The things I did learn however, is that Tau REALLY suck at CC, which I would not have guessed. A thing that comes in mind here, is that mostly all of the Chaos Marines units my friend is fielding are fearless, so there are no sweeping advances. And sweeping advances were just the thing that kills all the Tau! Since they don't have super high morale, can't kill anything in CC, they will almost be always caught.
Sure I know all you players know this, but this is one thing I really, really wouldn't have thought of! This day was full of lessons, and with allot of new insights on the game. I am already looking forward to all the next battles versus different races, to see how they react and learn even more!

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