17 February, 2010

I hate Black armor!

So, as I'm finally doing some painting on the marines, I thought I'd give you guys an update. Not much done yet, most of the highlighting on the armor is finished though. The pic with the 3 marines showing miss some final highlights. I tried to capture the highlighting on the armor, but I guess that's something to see better in the future (due to the lighting). Expect updates soon now, as I'm getting the hang of the 'batch' painting!
But I don't like painting it.. there is only highlighting, but you can't do too much or it will look too gray. Marines with other colors are more fun to paint I think, as you can do more things with the armor (real blending etc), ah well, there is still much left on the model to paint with that in mind!


  1. lol so did i .. so i went for a darktone grey works pretty good and with a few washes of badab black you can make it near black. Check my blog for a pic on my version of the templars.

    +++ olberon out +++

  2. whats the grey pencil or paint?

    and where do you get your bases from?

  3. The grey is paint. I don't do pencils, I have a very thin brush for that, this one to be precise ;)

    The bases are from Scibor , really nice! Although the airbubbles will kill you when you need to fix that on 30 25mm bases :p