08 February, 2010

Restyle and upcoming plans!

As you guys see I've redone the style on the blog, must say I like this template better!
Since my brother hasn't returned yet, I might aswell tell you guys what my plans are for the few weeks.
I contacted Col.Corbane for his new column on the FtW Blog regarding terrain and playing boards. Recently I have finished my board, including some scenery. I will finish the several scenery pieces and I'm planning to do some tutorials on several of them.
Next I'm planning to give some hobby tips. I have a few of my own, and I think this could help several other gamers, even if it is just one gamer that found it useful I'm happy!
And regarding the painting.. I have to finish a LotR model, doing it as a commission piece and this one has priority. Other then that I'm currently working on 7 marines and a Rhino.

Guess these are my plans for the next couple of weeks, if anyone wants some thing clarified just ask!

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