04 February, 2010


The Dreadnought base is finished. And just as I thought.. it frosted when I varnished him.
I knew this would happen! The last week I heard of frosting with spray varnish for the first time. I read it somewhere and I was interested in this 'phenomenon', so I wanted to find more info about this. Apperently this can happen on several occasions, but I have never had this myself. I am doing this hobby for about 2 years now, and have used about 2 or 3 GW Satin Seal varnishes. Never did frosting occur. This week I read something about it, and immidiatly it crossed my mind.. 'I bet I will get frosting real soon now'. And here ya go.. the first 'mini' I spray gets frosted. These kinda things always happen to me!

Ah well, tomorrow I will try to find those topics and sites again. See what solutions they have for this.

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  1. Try spraying in a warmer place, I at the moment spray inside nr the fire, I set up jos sticks to kill the smell.